Sustainability Series

05 September 2018

18 SEP: The Sustainability Series presented by AustCham Hong Kong & Macau aim to inspire companies to adopt achievable sustainability practices that impact the wider community. 


Purpose, Incorporated: Turning Cause into Your Competitive Advantage

In conversation with John Wood, Room to Read

As the founder of Room to Read - one of the fastest growing and most acclaimed charities of the past decade, John Wood has always said that the key to Room to Read’s success came from treating it like a business.

He argues that the most successful and innovative companies are not the ones that treat CSR as a nice-to-have or publicity stunt, or that keep it siloed in a single department. Rather, they bake a strong sense of purpose into the DNA of the organization, and ensure that every employee, customer and stakeholder is aligned with that purpose. The result is that companies then have a much stronger competitive advantage in key areas that are critical to their continued success and growth.

In this fireside chat with our moderator Melissa Brown, John will share some practical tools that can be used immediately to improve employee recruitment, customer engagement, organizational effectiveness, shareholder satisfaction, and the economic value of the enterprise. John will show you that purpose is no longer the enemy of commercialism, but the key to it.


Date: Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Time: 12:30 to 2:00 pm; Registration starts from 12:15 pm
Location: Harcourt Suite, 1/F, The Hong Kong Club 






John Wood
Founder, Room to Read



Melissa Brown
Head of International, Field, Content & Digital Marketing for Telstra Enterprise

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Purpose, Incorporated: Turning Cause into Your Competitive Advantage


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