08 March 2018

Cynthia Lo, Baker Tilly Hong Kong


What does Press for Progress mean to you?

Press for Progress connotes the global push for female empowerment in areas including education, workplace and even parenthood. As a world citizen, as an employer, and as a parent, I think that although the positive shift to gender equality is long overdue, I remain hopeful the next generation of women will obtain higher levels of confidence and achievement, and equal compensation.

Have you encountered any gender related roadblocks? How did you handle them?

Although The World Economic Forum’s 2017 index did not paint a rosy picture for Hong Kong, our government and progressive culture are conducive to taper the gender gap. Using myself as an example, I am one of many professional women who gained directorship without roadblocks. As a matter of fact out of the Big 4 firms in Hong Kong, two are currently headed by female leaders. In this city of ours which is often regarded as one of the easiest places globally to establish a business, 45% of businesses are female-owned. These examples help demonstrate that in Hong Kong hard work and dedication does allow for equal opportunities and advancement in the business world.

What advice would you give to your 20-year-old-self?

If I could give sage advice to my 20 year-old self, it is just be confident in yourself. Focus at work, respect others and believe in team work, and conduct reviews to learn a better way for better results. At the same time, get a balance of attention to your daily life. Family, knowledge and good health are most important elements leading you to success. Girls, word hard and good luck!




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